Mumbai: Sonam Kapoor on what turns her on, who puts her off, why she'll never dance for money and more...

What is the most beautiful 'Mausam' you have experienced, and with whom?

When we were in Ooty during the shoot of Pukar with dad. I must have been around 12 year, and I went horseback riding with my sister. It was the one of the most beautiful and memorable moments of my life.
When I heard about Mausam, the first thing that came to me was Gulzar saab's classic film...

I don't know about that, but for me Mausam is about romance, rains, spring, a boy and a girl... It's as poetic as it can get.

You sound like a complete romantic...

I am hopelessly romantic.  I'm very idealistic and that has gotten me into trouble, too.

Can you elaborate?

I have too much self-respect to do the things others have the stomach to do. Like I would never dance at weddings or parties for money.

But everyone from SRK to Katrina to Priyanka has been doing it...

That's not who I am. I'm an actor. Not someone who dances for money.

Is that why you once said you're ok with not being as successful as your contemporaries?

See, there are different kinds of ambitions. Mine is to have a well-rounded life. It's about how much I travel, how much I read, how many friends I make... not just how many hits I've had.

Ranbir is a contemporary right. Is he going too fast?

Well, he seems to have become the biggest superstar around. At least, everyone keeps reiterating that, so good for him.

You sound a little irritated with him. How come you guys lost touch?

Why should I be the one to keep in touch? Why doesn't anyone go and ask him. We have grown up together and shared some good times. But now we've grown apart. We obviously have nothing in common.

Is it a 'Kapoor' thing? You apparently had fights with Shahid too?

I don't get overfriendly with my co-stars. Shahid told me I was so shy and he was the one who did everything to break the ice.

Rapid fire

* A film you wish you hadn't seen: Bad Teacher

* An outfit that shocked you: I don't want to say. Maybe others think I wear shocking outfits

* A B-Town actor you don't mind getting linked with: Anyone who is unmarried

* A woman you'd happily turn gay for: Kareena