Mumbai: Ranbir Kapoor suffers from vertigo. As a result, shooting at great heights very often proves arduous for the actor. While shooting for Rockstar, one of the scenes involved a concert sequence with a crowd of over 1,000 people.

The shots on the ground required a great deal of coordination. And director Imtiaz Ali also wanted some aerial shots of it.

But as he could not be present in two places at the same time, he asked Ranbir to supervise the aerial takes.

Says a unit source, "Seeing the situation and sensing the need to have someone in charge, Imtiaz asked Ranbir to step in. As the star has taken a keen interest in every aspect of the film, he felt he could well manage it."

“Though Ranbir immediately agreed, what he did not realise was that the shots were to be taken from a chopper. Secondly, it would only have Ranbir and a foreign DoP as the shoot was in Verona, Italy. The thought of him looking down from a helicopter was a daunting task," a source said.

Adds the unit source, "But Ranbir took it up as a challenge to overcome his fear of heights. He stationed himself in the chopper and instructed the foreign DoP to can the perfect shots of the crowds."

Apparently, Imtiaz has always encouraged Ranbir to participate in every aspect of filming. He even gifted him a viewfinder during the shoot.

Ranbir, who began his career by assisting director Sanjay Leela Bhansali for Black, was only more than happy to participate in the filmmaking process. Hopefully, he has gotten over his fear of heights too!