Mumbai: Boys will be boys. Their love for gadgets can never be brushed aside. Almost every guy is a gadget freak, be it a sportstar or a filmstar. This craze has gripped our Kapoor lad also.

"I am a complete gadget freak," says Ranbir Kapoor, who's hooked on to his gizmos 24x7.

Be it out of station, while on shoots or in the house, he likes to be surrounded by gadgets and makes sure he keeps himself updated about the happenings in the 'g' world.

And like any other boy, he's almost inseparable from his gaming zone, which has all possible video games from every brand. Ranbir involves in some techie talks:

The G world

I would say gadgets and boys are inseparable, and totally depend on each other for their existence. I am a complete gizmo freak. To me, gadgets are synonymous with convenience, experience, and pushing boundaries of human limit. Whether I am relaxing at home or on a set or at an event, I am always busy with some gizmos or the other. Most of the times, it's my Blackberry, as I like to keep in touch with my friends. If nothing else, my iPhone 4 is always in my pocket.

Owner's pride

I have a room-full of gizmos and it still feels that I don't have anything. I am a proud owner of an iPad 2, iPhone 4, MacBook Pro, a segway, a 103 inch plasma TV, etc. Whenever I am travelling, my portable gadgets are my saviours.

Especially in long hectic shooting schedules, they keep me connected and entertained. And whenever I get some time to laze around, my plasma television becomes my best buddy. All I do throughout the day is spend time with my parents, and watch my favourite films. It's a great experience.

And to talk about gadgets and not mention the gaming zone would be a crime. I love spending time with my Xbox, PS 3, and Nintendo Wii. Time just flies by without notice. I also become unaware of things happening right around me.

Coming soon

I try to keep myself updated, but I'm not obsessed with the latest technologies to enter the market. I buy gadgets only if someone has recommended them to me or if something catches my attention while I'm surfing the net. I wanted an iPad 2 the day it was launched. I was so eager to get it, and now that I have it, I love the experience.