Mumbai: Ranbir Kapoor's love for mother Neetu is quite well known in the industry. But recently, the actor did something special for dad Rishi Kapoor, as well. Rishi has been lately suffering from a knee injury.

The senior actor was undergoing slow and painful physiotherapy for the injury caused during a vigorous dance number for Housefull 2. However the recovery was slow and Rishi found it tough to be as swift on his feet as he needed to be.

Then the doctors suggested a special knee brace for Rishi's knee and that's when Ranbir sprung into action. Says a source, "Though he doesn't show it, Ranbir has been very concerned about his dad's injury. Father and son don't have too many conversations. So Ranbir kept inquiring about his father's injury from Neetuji. When he came to know that a brace had been recommended to sturdy his father's knees and help them heal faster, Ranbir immediately made inquiries about the best places abroad from where the knee brace could be procured. He placed an order and the brace is now on the way."

Proud papa Rishi confirms this, "Yes, Ranbir has ordered a brace for my right knee from New York. It will help speed up the recovery process. I find myself considerably restricted due to the injury."