Mumbai: Ranbir Kapoor disappoints childhood buddy Rohit Dhawan by apparently turning down his next film.

Mixing personal and professional relationships has often acted against the careers of several actors.

Many senior actors in the industry have committed to projects for the sake of their friends, only to find no takers at the ticket windows.

Looks like Ranbir Kapoor is being extra cautious not to walk in their footsteps by declining a signing amount of R 1 crore for his director dost Rohit Dhawan's next film.

Our well-placed source reveals that Rohit approached Ranbir for his next movie, about a week after the release of his directorial debut, Desi Boyz.

"Rohit discussed another movie with the same producers who produced the Akshay Kumar-John Abraham comedy.

In fact, he even told them that he'd get Ranbir on board for their next venture. They only had to keep Rs 1 crore ready to pay him as the signing amount," says our informer.

The source further tells us that the two have been thick friends for a long time. "Ranbir is often spotted hanging around with Rohit at David Dhawan's residence," explains our source, adding that considering this friendship, the director felt he'd get his buddy to confirm for his next movie.

Instead, Dhawan Junior was in for an unpleasant shock when his actor buddy apparently declined.

"Ranbir cited unavailability of dates for the next year and a half, saying he was already committed," said our source.

However, Kapoor's reasons are strictly professional. As our informer elaborates, "After the acclaim Ranbir earned for Rockstar and the buzz Barfi is generating, he's not looking to do run-of-the-mill roles and films.

Even Ayaan Mukherji's Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani for producer Karan Johar is a different kind of romantic script. Since he didn't want to upset his friend, he told Rohit that he's preoccupied with prior commitments."

When contacted, Rohit denied the story saying, "I haven't even opened my laptop after Desi Boyz, so I've no script to offer to Ranbir yet.

I respect him as a professional so I can't ask him to do a film without giving him any narration or story idea. Currently, I'm preoccupied with my wedding, due on February 3 and will begin scripting my next only in March."