Mumbai: Ranbir Kapoor confronted Priyanka Chopra over making him an object of ridicule. They may be friends but that stands to be tested as the two shoot for Anurag Basu's ‘Burfi’.

Ranbir was upset to hear that Priyanka had been poking fun at his casanova image and his several linkups. Though the comments were made in jest, it has hurt their dosti. A source reveals, "Ranbir and Priyanka aren't paired opposite each other. In fact it's B-Town debutante Ileana who is his romantic interest in Burfi. Since the actor has worked with her in “Anjaana Anjaani,” there was a level of comfort. Apparently, PC was cracking people up at RK and the 'new' girl's expense."

After his break up with Katrina Kaif, the actor has been linked to another newcomer, his ‘Rockstar’ co-star Nargis Fakhri. So he wants to be careful about any linkups. And the baggage he carries after the comments that Sonam Kapoor and former flame Deepika Padukone made about him on Karan Johar's chat show.

The source adds, "RK was upset that Priyanka was joking about his string of affairs. Since he hasn't shot with Ileana, he didn't want her to feel uncomfortable. He confronted PC and told her not to promote any loose talk."