Ranchi: Where there's a will, there's a way. This adage aptly suits Hesag resident Manohar Lal Chawda whose love for nature drove him to develop a plant which produces two vegetables together.

 After quitting his Government job, Chawda tried his hand in tailoring. But, his passion for plants prompted him to start a research on them which he started from his own small garden.

Giving in lot of efforts, he developed three types of plants- brinjal, grafted brinjal, and grafted brinjal and tomatoes.

When Manohar was asked about his research he said, “In our local area there is plant named ‘Kutma’ which is also known as ‘Brihati’. Its life span is longer than other normal plants. Observing this I thought to graft eggplant on ‘Kutma’ to see the result and surprisingly the result was positive.”

After this success he grafted tomato and brinjal on the same plant and in a few days brinjal and tomatoes were seen blossoming from the grafted plant.

Manohar also added that this grafting process gives vegetables a longer life which is beneficial for the farmers also.
Now he is involved in trying to graft capsicum in the same plant.