The statement of Union Home Minister P Chidambaram suggesting Shikh community to forget the 1984 riots has hit hornet’s nest. In a significant decision, the government has removed from its "blacklist" the names of 142 wanted terrorists and their associates, including the heads of various Sikh extremist groups. It clearly spells out that the Centre is trying to hush up the matter, which had hanged the heads in shame, and let the accused go scot free. If the government could not punish the culprits, what is the point that the bone chilling incident, which claimed many innocent lives, should be forgotten? Undoubtedly, it is not like that the Shikh community is happy with the proceedings of sending the culprits to gallows. When the society as well as the nation is not feeling that the government has brought the architects of the 84-pogrom to the book, it is not justified to forget it and move on as the Home Minster suggests. The country knows it well that the victims of the riots have not been given compensation on time properly. It is fine that after the gap of 26-long years, the bitter memories of the 84 riots have gone pale and Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has tendered his apology in Parliament, but it does not mean that justice has been done. Will it be fair to say that the accused of killing 3000 Shikhs have been meted out the punishment? It will set a wrong precedent that without getting justice such a grievous incident should be forgotten. Suppose in future if anyone urges to become oblivious to such an incident, should they get this leeway?

The Home Minister must know that scores of such incidents took place in the last two decades and justice has not been delivered yet. Will the Minister also give them the same proposition to forget it and move on? If Narendra Modi joins the Chidambaram bandwagon and says to forget the Godhara incident and move on to build new India, should he get such permission? Should the Babri Mosque demolition case be erased from the memory like this? It is true that a person, family and society can wither a big blow and time has great healing factor, but it does not mean that we should not take botheration to remove the rot in the system which procrastinates delivering justice and culprits are at large. Chidambaram’s decision to remove 142 wanted terrorists from blacklist will open Pandora’s box.