Mumbai: A film event is generally held to promote a movie, or celebrate its success. But, for Randeep Hooda, the music launch of Sahib Biwi Aur Gangster proved to be the place to voice his grievances.

Unfortunately, his emotional tirade may have cost him the opportunity of working with the film's producer Sunil Bohra again.

A source present at the event says, "Randeep complained to Sanjiv Pal Singh (Bohra's right-hand man and distribution head of Sahib, Biwi...) that most of the focus in the promotions were on the heroine Mahie Gill. He rued that he was looking like a supporting actor, with even Jimmy Shergill getting a little more prominence."

Difference of opinion

Sanjiv, apparently, didn't take the actor's words too kindly. "The way Randeep was arguing, putting the producers down vis-a-vis the promotional strategy, didn't go down well with Sanjiv. Later, he relayed his difference of opinion with Randeep to Sunil Bohra, suggesting that they shouldn't work with him again, " says the source.

However, both Sanjiv and Bohra deny the verbal duel with Randeep. Sanjiv maintains, "We were just discussing the promotional strategy for the days nearing the film's release."

While Bohra asserts, "Randeep is a good friend. Why won't we work with him again if a character in our film needs to be played by him?"

Randeep didn't revert, but his spokesperson says that the actor's life and career are not dependent on "some Sanjiv Pal".  She further states, "Randeep believes his work will define what offers he gets in future."