Mumbai: SRK's ambitious film will have to adhere to the board's strict conditions. This has got to be the toughest time of Shahrukh Khan's life. His most expensive film till date RA.One is all set to release, and life isn't getting any easier for him.

On Thursday, Ra.One was submitted to the Censor Board for certification.

Shahrukh who rushed back from his promotional tour in Bhopal, and his director Anubhav Sinha were personally present at the venue, confident that the film would walk away with a 'U' certificate since RA.One is targeted primarily at SRK's young fans.

To the superstar and his director's shock and dismay, strong objections were raised by the members of the board to the daring stunts that Shahrukh has been shown performing in RA.One.

The board felt it in its collective wisdom that Shahrukh's super-hero stunts would heavily influence impressionable minds into emulating the derring-do.

Says a source, "There's been too much of hero-imitation lately. Even the ads showing leading stars and reality show contestants performing stunts have eventuated in disastrous instances of fans causing themselves grievous damage while emulating their heroes. Shahrukh's iconic status makes his aerial and ground-level superhero stunts in RA.One even more inflammably imitable." Apparently at the meeting, there was a long and heated argument over the matter.

Finally, the film was passed only on condition that Shahrukh and Sinha put a very prominent disclaimer at the start of the film stating in bold letters that the stunts were computer-generated and must not be emulated.

The board has also asked for the disclaimer to be projected on the screen long enough for the audience to read every word.

On being contacted, Pankaja Thakur, CEO of the Censor Board, said, "The producer Shahrukh Khan was asked to put a disclaimer to the effect that the stunts were computer-generated and should not be replicated by anyone."

Shahrukh patiently replied to all the queries of the board. Says Pankaja, "Shahrukh Khan and Anubhav Sinha were present for the screening. They answered the queries raised by the panel regarding the action sequences like the actor jumping off trains." The disclaimer regarding the stunts has to be put in two languages.

Says Pankaja, "The disclaimer will be in Hindi and English and will have to remain on the screen for enough time for people to read it." RA.One was finally passed with a 'U' certificate with no cuts.

Right after the censor battle, Shahrukh Khan rushed for the premiere of Azaan in support of debutant Sachiin Joshi.

Says the grateful newcomer, "Considering his packed schedule and the stress he's going through because of the release of RA.One, it was very sporting of Shah Rukh to come to my premiere. He stayed for about half an hour, wished me luck and told me I had done a great job."