Argentina (Agencies): Police on Easter Island have evicted the last of dozens of indigenous people who had been occupying the grounds of a luxury hotel since last year and battling for ancestral lands.

The group of Rapa Nui claimed the land on which the hotel was built had been illegally taken from their ancestors generations ago. They have been protesting for months over what they say are plans to develop Easter Island.

The island, captured by Chile in 1888, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Members of the Hitorangi clan have been occupying the Hangaroa Eco Village and Spa since last August.

The hotel was bought from the Chilean government by the Scheiss family, a powerful investment group, in the 1990s. However, the Rapa Nui said their ancestors had been cheated into giving up the land years before.

Rodrigo Gomez, a lawyer for the indigenous group, said up to 50 armed police had broken into the hotel to remove the final five occupiers. They were held and released pending court hearings.