Lucknow, Jan 10 (JNN): A ruling Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) legislator accused of raping a 17-year-old girl in Uttar Pradesh's Banda district is still free while the victim languishes in jail.

While the Mayawati Government was quick to dismiss PN Dwivedi, it has not taken any legal action against him. The girl is behind bars on charges of theft that the same MLA pressed against her.

After much delay, a local court today took a statement from the victim.
Earlier on Tuesday, Dwivedi claimed he was "impotent".

"I am being implicated, the charge of rape is baseless. I am not capable of committing rape as I am impotent," Dwivedi told media persons in Banda, about 180 km from here.

He went to the extent of declaring: "I am ready to be examined by any medical expert across the country to confirm that what I am saying is absolutely true."

He claimed that the charge against him was "politically motivated".

The 17-year-old victim had accused Dwivedi and his henchmen of not only subjecting her to gangrape last month but also implicating her in a case of theft.

Dwivedi accused her of stealing his licensed revolver and Rs.5,000 from his house, for which she was lodged in jail in Banda.

A medical examination of the girl has also been conducted. The first sample for the examination was taken Dec 20, 2010 - exactly 11 days after she had remained under the legislator's illegal confinement. The panel for medical examination was appointed Dec 31, 2010.