Hapur: The efforts of a young scientist Nitin Tyagi hailing from a remote Upeda village of Uttar Pradesh has received accolades on the international platform.

Tyagi’s invention ‘Rat Repellent Device’ (RRD) has received an overwhelming response from London based firm NDDC which has placed an order of 15 lakh machines. The NDDC will provide the device to Nigerian government which would further distribute it to the people to save themselves from the rat menace.

Son of a farmer, Tyagi (25) passed B.Sc few years back and is presently running a computer centre. Under the banner of his company NT Discoveries Private Limited, Tyagi came up with the invention which is extremely effective in eradicating rat menace.

The RRD was invented by Tyagi in 1997 while he was in Class X. Till date he has made around 120 such machines. For the outstanding effort, Tyagi has been felicitated with National award and the National Innovation Foundation has also praised his contribution.

RRD completely works on supersonic or ultra-violet waves. When started, ultra-sonic waves between 20 and 37 kilo hertz emerge from this electronic device. The waves have a strong impact on the rats and they fear going anywhere close to this gadget. At the same time, the machine does not have any adverse impact on the human health and is useful for the plants and trees.

Acknowledging the effort, NDDC made an agreement with Nitin’s firm and placed the order. Each RRD is worth USD 58 (Rs 3,000). The Nigerian government will distribute RRD to its people free of cost.