New Delhi: After two unsuccessful attempts to enter the field of civil aviation, Tata Group is putting pieces together to become a major player in the general aviation space. To get the work done, the Tata Group is in talks and with international players for business jets, helicopters as well as for aircraft management and maintenance services.

It is noteworthy that despite the achievement of starting the first air service in the country after independence, the Group was not allowed to enter civil aviation field. The group pioneered commercial airlines business in India through Tata Aviation which after nationalization became Air India. The Group tried to enter the field of civil aviation 20 years ago but was unable to enter the field.

Now the Tata Group plans to make an entry in the field of general aviation rather than starting commercial services. The Group is in talks with Florida-based Avantair to establish a partnership in India, where use of private planes by companies is on the rise.

Avantair's business model is of fractional ownership, giving individuals and businesses the benefits of whole aircraft ownership at a fraction of the cost.

The Tata Group is also in talks for a joint venture with Hong Kong's Metrojet for aircraft maintenance services to the growing Indian corporate aviation market.

Presently, the country has over 125 private jets which will increase over 250 in the next ten years.