"If India is to shine now and in the future, people must have the freedom to decide and while governments can be in the business of monitoring, they should have no role in telling people what to do", said Ratan Tata.

Praising the qualities that are sought after in young leaders to make a difference in life, he urged students to be honest in what they think and do for any profession.

“Be honest in what you think and do and this goes for any profession”, the industrial and business magnate remarked.

Referring the lavishing state of the art facilities at SRM University and endorsing the institution’s plans for the future, Mr. Tata told young minds that along with team work, timing, plan and innovation, there has to be intuition for any program to succeed.

Lamenting the fact that India still does not have a basic health care network and a country which is facing a social stigma on disability, Mr. Tata argued that both the public and the private sectors must address the needs of the under privileged and specially challenged people.

“Less attention has been given to disability oriented vehicles and we don’t even have a ramp in many pavements to address the needs of people on wheel-chairs”, the business tycoon said in appreciating the query posed by the student.

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