A disappointment that created rattle across the country is that the Prime Minister has also stressed on the amendment to the Right to Information Act, though this proposition has already been phrased out by the two senior ministers. The Prime Minister has, however, negated the dilution of the RTI, but the message has criss-crossed that the Central government wants to blunt the RTI with a sense that the functioning of the government should not stop owing to the Act. It means, they think that RTI puts spanner to the government work. This bombshell of the Centre came after the revelation of the controversial Pranab’s letter that pinned the blame on the then Finance Minister Chidambaram for not allowing the auction of the 2G, is undoubtedly objectionable and has been flayed by all and sundry. It is true, the letter which came into public domain with the help of the RTI put the government in a tight spot, where does the fault lie with the RTI? Why did the Finance Ministry prepare such note, pointing finger towards Chidambaram’s role regarding the 2G scam?

It would be wise for the Centre to speak vividly how the RTI Act is creating hurdles in the functioning of the government, because there is a general perception that the RTI Act has appeared as an effective tool to make the system transparent and given its significant contribution to good governance. The Prime Minister must know that the RTI is crowning achievement of the Congress-led UPA government, which earned laurels from across the world. This Act has made people realize their power in the democracy. How can Prime Minister undercut his own achievement? It seems that the Central establishment besieged with scams and scandals wants to create such an ambience so that the amendment to the RTI Act would be executed easily. There has been sharp reaction on the government’s demand for rethinking over the RTI Act, which indicates how the people of the country are getting skeptical about the intention of the ruling dispensation. Such public cynicism should be dispelled by ensuring that there is no bid to an amendment to the RTI Act, otherwise the government will face the brunt. The bureaucracy will never let the PM exert on fully transparent governance defusing the RTI Act. Notably, the bureaucracy has been adverse to this Act since beginning and common people have faced a great deal of difficulties due to its ineffective impact.