He also said that as Communication and Information Technology Minister he is against excessive use of provisions in the IT Act to curb the freedom of social media.


Inaugurating national consultation on Media Law organised jointly by the Law Commission and the National Law University, Delhi, the minister said he personally feels that self regulation by the media was the best way to go about functioning.


"As far as the legal architecture is concerned, as far as my view is concerned, I am very clear. Self regulation should be the mode. When I say self regulation, it is not an off-the-cuff remark. It carries a lot of responsibility, it carries a lot of meaning," he said.


He said the media will have to take care of issues like paid news, fake sting operations which are used to further vested interests and trail by media.


Prasad said for the NDA government, the independence of media is "non negotiable" and those in the political class should realise that media has a right to criticise, condemn and even advice.


The minister said he was also not against media lampooning politicians. Terming the trend of paid news as "sickening", he asked the media to "correct" the malice.


On the issue of right to privacy, he said the media has not yet found a "bridge" between its rights and a person's right to privacy.


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