With the kind of heights he has achieved, Ashwin will surely find a mention in cricket legends of the future.

On his 29th birthday today, let us look back at some lesser known stories about the spinner which will make you admire him even more:

When Ashwin Left A Friend In The Park:
During a trip to an amusement park in Mettupalayam, a 15-year-old Ashwin was paired with another classmate Gaurav Singhal, and the two were asked to remain together at all times. However, when the time came to go back home, Ashwin left him in the restroom and ran to the bus alone. Nobody noticed Gaurav's absence until they reached Coimbatore and then went back to fetch him. Ashwin regrets his act till date and wishes he had not left his friend alone.

The Horror Of Losing Dumb Charades:

Five years later, Ashwin and his friend Gaurav Singhal were taking part in a dumb charade competition and sailed through to the final. The duo was performing well until the last movie was suggested and it was 'Run Lola Run'. Ashwin, who was guessing the name of the movie, came up with all the possible words but could not guess the second 'Run'. He said weird things like: Run Lola Refrigerator, Run Lola Middle Finger etc. The two ended up losing the match and had to settle with silver.

Football, Not Cricket, Was His Game Of Choice:
Not many know that R Ashwin was known as a better footballer than cricketer in school. He used his height to maximum and won his school team many matches. However, one of these matches proved to be disastrous as young Ashwin, who was wearing brand new black leather shoes, dived and kicked the ball with his head during a penalty corner. This made for an insanely humorous scene and his classmates tease him for this to date.

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