New Delhi: The Reserve Bank of India continued with its debt purchases from the anonymous electronic trading platform for the second straight week, central bank data showed.   

The RBI bought a net 31.1 billion rupees ($596.9 million) of government bonds in the secondary market in the week to April 13, compared with a net of 63.6 billion rupees a week ago.   

Since the central bank did not conduct any bond purchases through open market operations (OMO) in the April 13 week, the entire amount was bought on the anonymous trading platform.   

In the April 6 week, it had bought around 18 billion rupees of debt from the trading platform, while it had purchased 45.3 billion via OMO.    

The RBI assured after its policy earlier this week, it will buy bonds either in the open market or discreetly on the trading platform to keep cash conditions within its targeted levels of around 600 billion rupees.    

The RBI bought a total 32.2 billion rupees of bonds in April 13 week and sold 1.1 billion rupees of debt.