MUMBAI: The Reserve Bank of India bought 111.94 billion rupees (USD2.02 billion) of government bonds through open market operation (OMO) on Friday, lower than the notified 120 billion rupees.   

The RBI bought the 9.15 percent bonds maturing in 2024 at 104.73 rupees, yielding 8.5255 percent, in line with a Reuters poll forecast of 8.5230 percent.    

For the 8.19 percent bonds maturing in 2020, the central bank set the cut-off at 98.84 rupees for a yield of 8.3959 percent, lower than the poll forecast of 8.4122 percent.   

It set a cut-off of 96 rupees yielding 8.7384 percent on the 8.26 percent bonds maturing in 2027, higher than a poll forecast of 8.7198 percent.

The central bank bought the 8.97 percent bonds maturing in 2030 at 101.95 rupees, yielding 8.7550 percent, in line with the forecast of 8.7539 percent in the poll.


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