New Delhi: The Reserve Bank is planning to make its Web interface more interactive with a presence on social networking sites like Twitter, blogs and other online discussion forums.
The RBI is conducting a Web survey where it is asking the visitors to its website whether they would like features like discussion forum, blog, live chat, Twitter (for information dissemination) and opinion polls on the site.
A number of organisations globally, including regulatory organisations and the government departments, have been increasingly using features like Twitter and other online platforms that help in fast dissemination of information and collating the views of public.
Even the US President Barack Obama and his official residence and workplace, the White House, have a presence on Twitter and various other online platforms such as blogs.
In India also, some ministries and many corporate have established a presence on Twitter, while a number of public figures are active members of this micro-blogging site.
The RBI is also seeking to know from the survey that whether the users want interactive charts for various interest rates, currency conversion tools and online calculating tools for EMIs and FD returns.
The central bank has also sought views on having certain collaboration tools on its website, such as blogs, forums, bulletin boards, and wikis (which allows the internet users to provide their own information on the website).
The survey, which began last month, has also sought views on the existing sections of the RBI website and whether any improvements were required there.