The company has upgraded its CDMA services to Pro 3 network which will offer about peak download speed of 14.7 megabit per second compared to 3.1 mbps offered earlier.
The services has been launched in Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Pune and will soon cover other big cities.
"We are delighted to offer the Pro 3 advantage to our customers in these four cities and will launch the same in other key markets, including Delhi and Mumbai, shortly," RCom's Consumer Business Chief Executive Officer Gurdeep Singh said in a statement.
At the promised peak speed, an user can download video file equivalent to general bollywood movie in about six minutes.
The plan has no limit on usage or download speed reduction during the validity period.
"Customers who need to use large amounts of data at high speeds can enjoy limitless internet usage at a never-before monthly plan of just Rs 999, with the True Unlimited Plan, giving them worry-free usage of the Internet without any bill shocks," the statement said.

Many telecom companies in their unlimited plans reduce download speed after customer exhausts certain data limit.