Lucknow: Owing to the rail mishaps that often happen due to the negligence of the drivers, the Research Design and Standards Organisation (RDSO) has invented a gazette which can prevent such mishaps.

In conditions where the attention or alertness of the driver is diverted due to sickness, drowsiness or any other factor, the gazette would act like a watch dog and would help the driver to be alert.

On such condition, the gazette would work like an alarm clock and even after the ringing of alarm if no response is registered from the driver’s side then automatic brake would be applied to the train.

The RDSO has successfully developed Driver Vigilance Telemetric Control System (DVTCS) and has been applied on 5 engines on a trial basis. Following which, the RDSO is now planning to send the experiment report to the Railways for its nod.

It took five years for the successful implementation of the DVTCS by the scientists. 

How will the device work?

The DVTCS fixed in the engine would consist of watch with a transmitter which would work like receiver and indicator unit and controller. If within 8 seconds after ringing the alarm the driver shows no sign of response, the controller will apply brakes on its own.

(JPN/ Bureau)