01:17 PM: Railway Budget 2015-16 ends

01:09 PM: Project worth Rs 2,500 crore using BOT annunity route to be launched, says Prabhu

01:08 PM: Regulatory mechanism to be set up for deciding on tariff and disputes

01:07 PM: Corruption at all levels is affecting common man, we are working on solution to address this menace: Suresh Prabhu

01:07 PM: We will fulfill PM's vision for Railways, 'Ek Bharat Shrestha Bharat': Union Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu

01:05 PM:
We have set up an environment directive in Railway Board: Suresh Prabhu

01:01 PM:
All newly-manufactured coaches to be braille-enabled

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01:01 PM: Innovation Council and Technology Portal to be set up to invite suggestions on improvements

01:00 PM:
10 cities identified for creating fully-functional satellite terminals to reduce congestion

01:00 PM: Green technology locomotives to be introduced

12:59 PM: Plan size raised by 52 percent to Rs 111,000 crore: Railway Minister

12:58 PM: We are launching a coastal connectivity programme in 2015: Suresh Prabhu

12:57 PM: Rail Minister: Encroachment on Railway land a serious issue, digitized mapping of land has been initiated to counter this

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12:56 PM: We will monetize our assets rather than selling them, says Prabhu

12:55 PM: Preparing 5-year corporate safety plan to be ready in 3 months to identify annual quantifiable targets, he says

12:54 PM: Road-underbridge and road-overbridge to be constructed

12:53 PM: Rs 6,750 crore allocated for eliminating 3438 level crossings

12:53 PM: Feasibility report of high speed train between Mumbai and Ahmedabad expected by mid-2015: Prabhu

12:52 PM: We intend to introduce technology portal to invite innovative technological solutions: Suresh Prabhu

12:51 PM: Operational ration of 88.5 percent targetted

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12:51 PM: Open bids to be invited from private parties to develop railway stations

12:50 PM: Wi-Fi facility to be extended to category B stations

12:50 PM: Over 17,00 toilets on trains already replaced, another 17,000 to be replaced

12:49 PM: MPs urged to use part of their funds for improving rail facilities

12:49 PM: Online booking for wheel chairs to be enabled

12:48 PM:
To prevent fire in coaches, we'll install train protection warning system and train collision avoiding system: Suresh Prabhu

12:47 PM: Speed on nine corridors to be increased from 110-130 to 160-200 kms per hour: Prabhu

12:46 PM:
Wagon-making scheme to be reviewed to make it easier for private investment, says Rail Minister

12:45 PM: I offer my deepest condolences to families of all accident victims and railway personnel who lost their lives: Suresh Prabhu

12:44 PM: Safety is of paramount importance: Union Railway Minister

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12:43 PM:
Four dedicated freight corridors to be completed this year; 6608 kms of track to be electrified: Prabhu

12:42 PM: Defence travel system developed to eliminate system warrants

12:41 PM: Projects worth Rs 96,182 crore to expand capacity of 9,420 km rail lines

12:40 PM: We are committed to provide Rail connectivity to north eastern states: Union Railway Minister

12:39 PM: 67% more funds allotted for passenger amenities

12:38 PM: We will introduce Train sets saving 20% journey time, similar to bullet trains in design, can run on existing tracks: Suresh Prabhu

12:37 PM: New department to keep stations clean

12:36 PM: Paperless ticketing system to be developed

12:36 PM: Open wi-fi to be available at 400 railway stations; proposal to revamp the station re-development scheme, says Prabhu

12:35 PM: Design of Railway beds will be transformed in six months

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12:35 PM:
Charging point even in general coaches, says Prabhu

12:35 PM: Ticket can now be booked 120 days ago

12:34 PM: More AC EMU services for Mumbai suburban section, tells Prabhu

12:34 PM: More general class coaches to be added in identified trains: Suresh Prabhu

12:33 PM: CCTVs to be introduced in select trains and suburban trains for women safety, says Railway Minister

12:33 PM: SMS alert service to be introduced on train arrival/ departure

12:32 PM: Railway helpline number 138 will become operational 24x7, says Prabhu

12:32 PM: Toll free number 182 created for security related complaints

12:32 PM: A Mobile application to address complaints of people is also being developed: Suresh Prabhu

12:32 PM:
Rail-cum-road ticket to be extended to many stations; more trains to be added under scheme
for ordering food while booking tickets: Railway Minister

12:31 PM: We are introducing 'Operation 5-minute' to ensure ticketless passenger get regular ticket within five minute of entering station: Prabhu

12:31 PM: In next five years, intention to substantially augment capacity: Suresh Prabhu

12:30 PM: Vicious cycle of under-investment must end, says Railway Minister

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12:30 PM: Will partner with private sector to improve last mile connectivity: Prabhu

12:29 PM: Over 20,00 suggestions received on improving facilities, he adds

12:28 PM: Investment of Rs 8.5 lakh crore in next five years, Prabhu says

12:27PM: Railways would utilize the Nirbhaya fund for augmenting safer travel for women: Suresh Prabhu

12:27 PM: We will increase number of mechanised laundry, an All India 24-7 helpline number will become operational, says Prabhu

12:26 PM: This year alone we intend to replace 17000 more toilets by Bio-Toilets: Suresh Prabhu

12:25 PM: Cleanliness in Railways highest priority for us, we'll now work on Swachh Rail Swachh Bharat: Railway Minister

12:22 PM: The functioning of Railways must conform to highest standards of governance & transparency : Railway Minister

12:21 PM: Our people are our biggest asset, I have seen enthusiasm of Railway personnel throughout the country: Prabhu

12:21 PM: We'll be revamping management practices, processes and procedures, says Suresh Prabhu

12:20 PM: Indian Railways will continue to serve common man, people of India will own Railways always: Union Railway Minister

12:20 PM: No increase in passenger tariff: Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu

12:19 PM: Goal 4: Make Railways financially sustainable

12:18 PM: Goal 3: Modernise Railway infrastructure

12:18 PM: Goal 2: Safer travel for Rail passengers

12:17 PM: These objectives will ensure Railway is an integral part of flagship programs launched by PM, he says

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12:16 PM: #RailBudget2015: Goal 1 - To ensure good customer experience to receive a huge boost, says Railway Minister

12:14 PM: Railway Minister: Over the next 5 years, Railways has to go through a transformation

12:13 PM: Kuch raste badalne honge, kuch naye raste khojne honge, I'm convinced we can deliver but we can't deliver overnight: Suresh Prabhu

12:12 PM: Suresh Prabhu: We must restore the strength of Bharatiya Railway as the backbone of India

12:12 PM: 492 section of Railways are running at a capacity of more than 100 percent; 228 running between 80-100 percent : Railway Minister

12:12 PM: Kuch naya jodna hoga, kuch purana todna hoga, kuch engine badalne honge, kuch repair karne honge: Prabhu raises his voice in Hindi

12:11 PM: Our priority will be to significantly improve high density networks of Indian Railways: Suresh Prabhu

12:10 PM: Suresh Prabhu: Chronic under-investment has led to poor development of Indian Railways

12:09 PM: Is it surprising that the Rajdhani and Shatabdi can run at 130Km/Hr but actually run at 70Km/Hr: Prabhu

12:09 PM: Facilities in Railways haven't improved: Suresh Prabhu

12:08 PM: Investment in Indian Railways is necessary for environment sustainability and well being of future generations: Railway Minister

12:07 PM: Express gratitude to PM Narendra Modi to serve the people of India through the Ministry of Railways, says Prabhu

12:06 PM: I thank PM Modi for infusing all Indians with a sense of pride and dream of prosperous nation: Suresh Prabhu

12:04 PM: Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu presents Rail Budget in Lok Sabha

11:56 AM: Surest Prabhu lays down the white paper of Indian railways in the house

11:48 AM:
Surest Prabhu is accompanied by MoS Railway Manoj Sinha

11:35 AM: Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu at Parliament, will present Rail Budget 2015-16 shortly

11:28 AM: Railway Minister reaches Parliament

11:28 AM: Chaos in both Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha ahead of Rail Budget

11:25 AM: Budget accha hoga, janta ka budget hoga: Suresh Prabhu

11:25 AM:
Suresh Prabhu will present a good budget and try to live upto people's aspirations, says Shiv
Sena leader Sanjay Raut

11:25 AM: Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu leaves for Parliament

11:08 AM: Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu reaches Rail Bhawan

10:58 AM: Union Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu leaves for Rail Bhawan

10:58 AM: Opposition likely to disrupt Rail Budget presentation

10:28 AM: Hopes of bullet trains & golden quadrilateral were raised, but didn't find any refraction on ground: Former MoS Railway Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury

10:22 AM:
Suresh Prabhu to present the Rail Budget 2015-16 in Parliament shortly

09:50 AM: There is a need to strengthen foundation of railways first, improvement of facilities: Dinesh Trivedi, Former Railways Minister

09:50 AM:
Copies of Rail Budget 2015-16 brought to Parliament

09:35 AM: Common man will be given prime importance, #RailBudget2015 will be as per their expectations: Manoj Sinha

09:30 AM: Will bring smile to everyone's face, all issues will be addressed: Manoj Sinha, MoS Railway

09:30 AM: Complete road map will be presented in the Budget, says Manoj Sinha

09:30 AM:
Expansion & modernization of Indian Rail network will be seen: Manoj Sinha adds

08:45 AM: Cut in passenger fares unlikely in rail budget

08:30 AM:
Government wants to link every town by rail

08:15 AM: No hike expected in rail fares

08:05 AM:
Emphasize should be laid on signaling so existing lines can used for running more trains: Former Rail Minister Pawan Bansal

08:00 AM:
Rail Budget 2015: Suresh Prabhu to unveil plans for raising resources

07:45 AM: Rail Budget likely to have a slew of green initiatives

07:30 AM:
Less than 100 trains likely to get green signal in Rail Budget