'Ready for Hillary', founded last January to build what they call a ‘grassroots army’ for Clinton ahead of 2016, raised USD 4 million from from 33,631 Americans in 2013.

"Thanks to the groundswell of enthusiasm for Hillary's potential run and the steadfast commitment of our supporters, we have exceeded our goals and are ahead of schedule in raising the funds necessary to build a grassroots army that can be activated the moment Hillary makes a decision," said 'Ready for Hillary' Executive Director Adam Parkhomenko.

"This movement is unprecedented not because of our staff but because of our supporters and we will continue to build capacity across the country to put Hillary in the strongest position possible should she decide to run," Parkhomenko further said.

In a statement, 'Ready for Hillary' stated that it has more contributors than all other presidential super PACs ever, combined.

Contributions ranged from USD 1 to the group's voluntary maximum contribution of USD 25,000, with an average contribution of USD 82.

Ninety-eight percent of contributions were USD 100 or less. 17,988 contributions were for exactly USD 20.16, the ticket price for the group's many grassroots fundraising events across the country.

'Ready for Hillary' received financial contributions from all 50 states, DC, Puerto Rico, and US territories, as well as financial support from Americans abroad and military service members across the world.

In addition to the group's fundraising figures, the group achieved other grassroots milestones in 2013 that is 1.5 million Facebook supporters; 600,000 signatures on pledge; 250,000 bumper stickers shipped to all corners of the country; and supporting Hillary-endorsed candidates Terry McAuliffe and Bill de Blasio in their successful races.


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