New Delhi: With DMK pulling out of UPA, BJP on Tuesday said the party is ready for the general elections as the continuation of the government is not in the interest of the country.

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"The government does not have a majority now. It should go," BJP leader Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi said after DMK's decision of withdrawal of the support from the government over the Lankan Tamils issue. Asked whether BJP is ready to face the electorate, he said, "We are always ready to face the elections."

DMK chief M Karunanidhi had said in Chennai that all DMK Ministers would quit the government either on Tuesday or Wednesday.

Sharpening the party's attack on the UPA government, Naqvi said, "The government is on the ventilator. But if the government manages to run after somehow getting support from here and there then it will not be in the interest of the country."

On the Congress-led government's proposed resolution on the Lankan issue in Parliament, Naqvi said, "It is Congress problem how it will manage. But it will not be interest of the nation."

Party leader Venkaiah Naidu said the developments have vindicated BJP's stand that all is not well within the UPA. "UPA has become a DPA (divided progressive alliance). One after another parties are walking out. TMC has walked out. DMK has gone, SP is going and coming. How long you want this drama to continue," he said.

"My suggestion is if you are capable, govern the country otherwise get out," he said. He said DMK's decision also reflects the fact that the government does not know how to run a coalition or follow coalition dharma. "They do not follow coalition dharma. The way they are dealing with all isues such as FDI, anti-rape law...the government has no clue, no clarity, no unity," he said.

Naidu also took a dig at the three Union Ministers who visited Chennai yesterday to meet DMK chief Karunanidhi "but returned disappointed". "The Ministers even do not bother to call on the Tamil Nadu Chief Minister to discuss the Tamils issue. They are treating the matter as an internal affair of the UPA," he said. "Here is a government which is first acting in haste and then repenting later. This is what happened on FDI, on anti-rape law and now on Sri Lankan Tamils issue," he said.


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