Sticking to his earlier stand of doing nothing 'wrong' during his air travel to Delhi yesterday, Yadav said, "It is a conspiracy by my political rivals. They have weaved the entire story to defame me. How come the incident was doing rounds on the social media even before the flight could have landed in Delhi."
He had allegedly misbehaved with the airhostess after she asked him not to throw the leftover food in the aisle of the plane.
Yadav refuted the allegations saying that if some food item spills over the seat or on a passenger's clothes, it is the cabin crew's responsibility to clean that up.
"I have been travelling by flight for the past 35 years and there has never been a single allegation against me. There were other passengers also but none of them did complain about my behaviour. If I have had misbehaved as it is being alleged, the other passengers would also have seen that. If even five passengers come and say I misbehaved, I am ready to apologise," the expelled RJD MP from Bihar said.
Meanwhile, Jet Airways said that it completely stands by with its staff but maintained that the pilot had not yet filed any formal complaint in this regard.
"Under the civil aviation regulations, the commander of the aircraft is fully empowered to file the complaint against unruly passengers onboard with the authorities. In this case, however, no complaint has so far been filed by the pilot," an airline official said.
Jet Airways had on Wednesday reacted in a guarded manner, saying there was an incident onboard its Patna flight but refused to reveal the identity of the unruly passenger.

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