Mumbai: Anti-graft crusader Anna Hazare on Tuesday led his village Ralegan Siddhi in lighting 10,000 diyas to herald the festival of lights but cautioned that the "real Diwali" would be when the Jan Lokpal bill is passed.

In a written message, the septuagenarian, who is on a 'maun vrat' (vow of silence), thanked the people for their part in the battle for the Jan Lokpal bill.

"Anna wrote that the real Diwali will be when the bill is passed," Hazare's associate Datta Awari said over phone from the village.

At a function in Ralegan on Tuesday evening, the Gandhian distributed clothes to poor people as is the tradition in the village.

On Wednesday, he will distribute fire crackers among students, Awari said. Greeting people on the occasion of Diwali, Hazare thanked people for coming together from all over the country to lend their voice for effective implementation of Janlokpal Bill.

"You are igniting the light of hope as this deep dark night leads us to a brighter tomorrow. We have to fight to drive away the darkness of corruption from the hearts of millions," he said in his blog.

"We will celebrate Dipavali in true sense on the day when Janlokpal Bill will be implemented. That Dipavali will enlighten us from within and outside. This year, we are celebrating Dipavali like every year but this time around let us try to celebrate 'that' Dipavali," he said.

"The people who are exploding crackers of accusations and counter-accusations today, I hope 'that' Dipavali seals their lips. I hope to see them joining us in 'that' Dipavali celebrations," he said.