Melbourne: A real estate agency has offered its employees a fatter paycheque if they get themselves tattooed with the company's logo.

According to a daily, Rapid Realty has offered its 800 workers a 15 percent pay raise in exchange for permanent show of company loyalty, a website reported.

So far, nearly 40 workers of the firm have accepted the challenge.

Company owner Anthony Lolli said that the inking wasn’t his idea but was a brainstorm after a loyal employee did it voluntarily, in an apparent show of the team spirit.

Promising to boost that employee’s pay check, he threw open the offer to other workers.

Lolli said that the workers who have gotten tattooed are getting a lot of respect from other agents with the amount of commitment that they are showing.

The company owner pays for the tattoos, which can cost up to 300 dollars.

The 15 percent policy applies no matter where the employees get themselves inked - as long as they get them.


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