Gwalior: A public property worth thousands of crores has been sold with the connivance of government officials and private builders here in outskirts of the city at Siroli village in the name of private land.

The real estate mafia has not only sold the land but has also come up with a township. When the facts came to fore, the administration has stopped the registry of the plots.

The bizarre development was unraveled during an investigation against a few housing construction committees that the survey numbers of government land have been tampered with.

Following this the whole fraud came before the district administration, and  District Magistrate Akash Tripathi probed the records since 1940.

The investigation revealed that more than 100 hectares of land being developed as the New City Centre was a public property in the government records in 1940, but the state officials of different departments altered the whole records and converted it into private land.

Meanwhile, the districts administration has stopped the process of the registration of the land and has initiated a through probe.