Madrid: Real Madrid will present a positive set of numbers in their annual accounts when the club holds its general assembly next weekend.

A sports newspaper published on Saturday that the club made a profit of 31.6 million euros during the 2010/2011 season.

Real Madrid enjoyed an overall income of 480.2 million Euros, which is 8.6 percent higher than the previous season and according to the club, the highest yearly income for any professional sports club in the World.

The net benefit of 31.6 million Euros is 31.7 percent higher than in the 2009/2010 season, while Real Madrid's overall debt fell by 30.6 percent to 169.7 million Euros - 74.9 million less than last year.

The club has carried out an aggressive marketing policy over the last 10 years and with increased income from television income means that overall income has improved by an average of 14 percent per year since 1999.

Of the 480. 2 million euros income from last season, 31 percent corresponds to marketing, 31 percent from money earned from fans visiting the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium, 32 percent from television income and a further six percent from playing friendly matches and participating in international tournaments.

Three days ago, Real Madrid's main rivals, FC Barcelona announced similar figures when they published their accounts for last season.

Barcelona declared an annual income of 473 million Euros and a profit of 65 million euros.