The views expressed by the senior BJP leader LK Advani with regard to the party and its leadership might have stunned the people, but the views were quite pertinent. We cannot disagree with his view that if the people are unhappy with the Congress-led UPA then they are unhappy with the BJP too. Despite having a favourable situation, the BJP has neither been able to emerge as an effective alternative to the Congress nor is it being seen as strong contender for power at the Centre. The party cannot hold anybody else responsible for this state as its top leaders themselves are engaged in cutting each-other to size. Rest of the jolt to the party’s image has been caused by such acts of the party leadership who have been against the expectations of the people. LK Advani has rightly said that induction of Babu Singh Kushwaha, who is considered to be a synonym of corruption, in the party and fielding an anonymous party candidate from Jharkhand for Rajya Sabha polls badly dented the image of the party in the eyes of the people. His assessment that the decision to remove the former Karnataka Chief Minister BS Yeddyurappa was inaptly handled is also right. By such acts, the BJP has disappointed the people especially when the issue of corruption is on the surface. After the views expressed by Advani, commotion within the party is quite natural. But it cannot be said if the party will agree to take the suggestions of its senior leader seriously.

One can raise questions on Advani’s move to speak publically about the party’s internal affairs but the way he chose to express his views through his blog, it reflects that his genuine suggestions are being overlooked in the party. If it is true then ‘the party with difference’, the BJP, lacks a forum where senior leaders like LK Advani could present his views. Does the party have any internal democracy in true sense? Whatsoever the fact may be, but the main opposition party should realize the fact that it cannot be like the Congress Party which is centered around one family and there can’t be any chance for any of the party leaders to go against the decisions of the party leadership. No doubt, the BJP functions under the influence of the RSS, but it should not be allowed that the paternal organization will take wrong decisions and the party will continue to follow them blindly. There are several instances which prove that even RSS is also responsible for the present pathetic condition of the BJP. It is really very strange that the BJP known for unity among its leaders now seems to have many power centers. The most ironic thing is that the general elections are far away but some of the BJP leaders are behaving that they are sure to become the Prime Minister. It will be better for the party leaders to understand the simple thing that to grab the power at the Centre, it will be required for the party to win the elections.