At last America has realized the truth which India have been stating for the last one decade that Pakistan has been aiding and abetting terrorism. Why America took so many years to understand the fact because it had deliberately closed eyes to this glaring reality. Although this was repeatedly expressed by American experts that Pakistan has assimilated the fact of extending support to terror activities as part and parcel of its policy, the top US leadership was deliberately avoiding it. Besides this, the US also tried to avoid this reality when it came to fore that Pakistan’s secret organization ISI was hobnobbing with terror organizations. When hordes of evidence were tumbling out of closet, the US started behaving as if it was least concerned with the relation between the ISI and the terror organizations posing threat to India. Now when this started giving blow to its interests, America is distressed. Since America has already delayed in accepting the truth, it will not suffice on its part to simply say that Pakistan should cease its contact with Haqqanis- a terror organization linked with Taliban terrorists. This was obvious from Pak reaction also which pooh-poohed the fact that its secret agency neither supports terror outfits nor encourages them. It has been an old habit of Pakistan to deny and express amazement and term itself of being a victim of terrorism. When this fails to serve the purpose it starts issuing threats and is presently doing the same.

Pakistan’s Foreign Minister as well as its President in a veiled threat has expressed that more than Islamabad, Washington needs its support. Now, it has to be seen whether America understands this fact or not and makes requisite changes as far as its policies related to Pakistan are concerned. Whatever the future policy of the US would be for Pakistan, the latter has to understand that it cannot befool the world for a longer period. Its white lies are glaringly exposed before the world. If it wants to establish itself as a responsible state in the world it has to deal with terrorist organizations honestly. Pakistan should also shy away from terming the terror organizations as good or bad, rather it should tide over from the false assumptions that through such associations its interests would be served better. For winning the global trust, the Pakistan regime and the Army should identify the elements in the government which have been patronizing and supporting the terrorists. After this step only, Pakistan would be able to deal with the terror organizations.  The dilly-dallying of the Pakistan government and the Army in confronting terrorism would further discourage the segment which, despite all odds, has so far been fighting against the hardliners.