Los Angeles: Reality TV star Snooki has acquired a new piece of body art - a winged leopard. This is her sixth tattoo. The flying cat is a commemoration of TV show ‘Jersey Shore’, says Snooki, reports a website.

Snooki, 25, met other members of the show for their last reunion, and so to mark the occasion, she got herself inked with a "fierce leopard tattoo".

She says she acquired the inking around mid-December 2012, and insists there are hidden depths behind the design.

"I haven`t mentioned or showed anyone besides Jionni (fiance Jionni LaValle) this tattoo! I got this last week when we shot our final `Jersey Shore` reunion. My fierce leopard tattoo. I wanted to get this because to me it represents being a strong independent woman, and obviously I love leopards/ leopard print," said Snooki.

"The crown represents being a queen and being fabulous, and the wings represent everyone who has passed in my family. Anytime I can incorporate my loved ones who have passed, I do it. This tattoo also will always remind me of getting it while being in Los Angeles shooting our FINAL reunion of `Jersey Shore`," she added.


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