New Delhi: More than 80 tremors, within a week in the Asian region, have brought warning by seismological experts of a devastating earthquake closer to reality. The researchers fear that a string of jolts and the recent one with 5.7-magnitude could be a warning sign of a disaster.

Moreover, the displacement of the Indian plates may add to the possibility of an intense quake in the region.

Notably, three major tremors have been experienced in last four days in the country. According to the data by Ministry of Earth Sciences, before the 5.7-magnitude earthquake that struck the India-Nepal border on Monday, the northern India was rocked by two earthquakes of varying intensities within two days.

The first occurred on April 1 with a magnitude of 5.2 on the Richter scale at Hindkush area followed by another the next day with magnitude of 4.9 at Zinziyan border area in Kashmir.

These facts together with shaking of the plates on the northern border close to the national capital in a short interval of time tend to indicate the probability of occurrence of a high magnitude earthquake.

Former Director General of Indian Meteorological Department (IMD), SK Srivastava says the fresh earthquake indicates how active the Indian plates are. “They are the warnings that merely 160 kms away from the national capital, a disaster activity is under process at the Indian plates,” he says.

Acting for the National Disaster Management Authority, Srivastava says, “Although, Delhi has not witnessed any major earthquake in past 100 years, but the increasing rift in the Indian plate is creating the conditions for a major temblor.”

Notably, major tremors with intensity of more than eight have been recorded in past 100 years on the Indian plates spread across north, northeast to Andaman.

Going by the seismological experts, if Delhi records a quake of 7 Richter scale, its intensity would be one lakh times more than the tremors experienced on Monday.

With Delhi falling under high-risk seismic zone-4, there have been doubts over the city’s preparation for tackling such disaster. Srivastava has cautioned that if the city witnesses a quake with intensity of 7 Richter scale, majority of the buildings would be affected badly.