New Delhi: In a startling revelation by the officials in Delhi government’s Revenue Department, the records of 3,353 Kashmiri Pundits, who migrated to Delhi due to terrorism in Kashmir, have been misplaced.

The fact has been revealed in a reply to a question sought by Pawan Kumar Kaul, a Karkardooma Court employee, under the Right to Information (RTI) Act. Now, the question is being raised on the functioning of the Revenue Department. 

The officials of the Revenue Department have not furnished the information to Kaul regarding the time of misplacing of records and the people responsible for the embezzlement of the funds given as humanitarian aid for the displaced Kashmiri Pundits.

Some years ago, a large number of Kashmiri Pundits had migrated to Delhi as refugees due to fear of terrorism in Kashmir. The Government had extended help for their rehabilitation.

The Delhi government had started a scheme of providing Rs 1,250 and Rs 5,000 per capita and per family respectively to the Kashmiri Pundits as humanitarian aid, which is still being distributed to them by the Relief Branch of Revenue Department.

Kaul also sought the address, phone number and other details of the beneficiaries.

In his reply, Relief Branch SDM, DP Rana said the government is giving humanitarian aid to the 3353 displaced Kashmiri pundits. 

He said the Revenue Department has no record regarding the address, phone number and other details of the Kashmiri Pundits.