Beg, borrow, and steal

Designer duo Dev and Nil opine that rather than making the rounds of roadside stalls to look for cheaper but trendy options, you can raid your own wardrobe or that of your family members. A little snip and a cut and you will get a whole new outfit.

They say, “Denims lend themselves easily for a makeover. Cut your old denims and turn them into funky shorts of your favoured length. Boys can use the loose baggy denims and cut them to the Bermuda length.” If you are too nostalgic to part ways with your favourite old T-shirt that is extremely comfortable and fits you well even today, then chop it and convert into a crop top, which is the latest trend in town. If you want a desi look, then tie-dye the T-shirt at home using natural colours.

If you always envied your mother’s sari collection but didn’t know how to make the most of it, then turn some of those printed chiffon saris into flowing maxi dresses or kaftans, with some assistance from your neighbourhood tailor.
Get a white shirt from your brother or father as the anti-fit boxy, sporty look has a classic charm to it. Enhance it with a statement necklace, suggests the duo.

A cut and sew in time

Young designer Nishka Lulla believes that cutting your old clothes or adding a glamorous element to them can give you a whole new look. “Add your own patchwork or a little lace at the bottom of your denims. Cut off the collar or the sleeves of an old shirt and go retro. Add crochet to the collar or the side of your shirt to give it a sophisticated look,” she suggests.

If you are not in for leg show, cut your old denims into shorts and pair those with leggings. With the rains just around the corner, it wouldn’t be such a bad idea after all.

Turn your old plain tees into something funky by adding lace or beads to them. Lulla has a quirky idea to convert your mother’s sari into western attire. She says, “One of the most exciting trends right now is to turn old saris into blazers. One can also use sari borders to make kurtas and skirts.”

Colour and wear it with style

Designer duo Falguni and Shane Peacock believes that minor changes in your old outfit can give it a whole new look. “Restyling is the best option. Minor things such as adding some fancy buttons or zippers or sewing on a quirky patch on your old outfit can do wonders,” says Falguni.

Shane suggests that sometimes all you need to do is add a dash of colour that can turn your old drab outfit into trendy attire. “Old clothes are usually faded. But you don’t want to dump them, as they fit you well. In such cases, dying the fabric is the best option. If you love the print of your clothes, but do not wish to wear them anymore, then make fabric accessories such as headbands, hair ties, scarves or belts with it and flaunt your favourite print in style,” he adds.

Courtesy: Mid-Day

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