New Delhi: Red tapism and prevailing differences amongst the government departments have led to snail pace of progress of several development projects, subsequently increasing their cost by one fourth of the total amount allocated for them.

Owing to the hindrances, nearly half of the projects are lying in abeyance while the remaining ones are yet to be commenced. Primarily, it includes projects related to electricity and roads sectors. Maximum number of ventures under these two sectors is moving at a slow pace.

According to government figures, till April 30, 2011, a total of 560 projects of different departments were underway. Out of which 251 projects are lagging much behind their stipulated deadline. Topping the list of delayed projects are mainly those under the Road Transport and Highway construction. Out of the 119 projects under road transport, 97 are much behind their scheduled completion date.

Electricity related projects are second in the queue of delayed projects. Out of the 86 plans 44 are moving ahead at a snail pace.

Apart from this, projects under sectors of Coal, Petroleum, Steel and Railways are behind their set deadlines. In these sectors environment related clearance and land acquisition have proved major obstacles.

Due to the delay, the total cost of 251 projects has increased from Rs 2,99,194.3 crore to Rs 3,69,361.6 crore. It includes projects whose total cost is more than Rs 150 crore.