New Delhi: BJP on Thursday expressed disappointment at the cut of just Rs 2.46 per litre in price of petrol and demanded that it should be slashed by Rs 7.50, the amount by which it was hiked recently.

"When the international price of petroleum was USD 120 per barrel, the government increased the prices here in domestic market but when prices went down to USD 80 they continued with the earlier prices," BJP spokesperson Tarun Vijay said.

He said the measure of decreasing petrol prices by Rs 2.46 was not an "honest" one by the government.

"Government should show some honesty and take back the entire price hike of Rs 7.40 per litre and not just Rs 2.46. The international price does not support this half-hearted roll back. It should be a full roll-back," Vijay said.

The government today announced that the price of petrol will be cut by Rs 2.46 per litre effective from midnight.


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