Here, we bring you some of the best Hollywood movies that predicted future and it came true also.

Movie: Star Trek III: The Search for Spock (1984)
Technology: Mobile phone

When it comes to predicting future technologies, this movie tops the list as it has predicted the use of mobile phones which are like our lifeline in current time. Apart from mobile phone, this movie has also predicted about 3D printers, videophone communications and computer speech recognition.

Movie: Woman in the Moon (1929)
Predicted: Space travel

The first science fiction silent movie ‘Woman in the Moon’ amazingly shows the basics of rocket travel for the first time, including the use of a multi-stage rocket. The movie was so much realistic that it wasn’t that much shocking to the audience when Neil Armstrong had landed on the moon in 1969 approximately after 40 years.

Movie: Minority Report (2002)
Predicted: Touch Interface

The 2002 released movie, Minority Report was an action detective thriller by Steven Spielberg. The way Steven presented the view on how the future might look like got soon real by the invention of touch interface technology.

Movie: 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968)
Predicted: Tablets

Apple’s Steve Job may be a fan of this science fiction movie as it might be possible that he got the idea of inventing tablets from this movie. Among many gadgets, tablet was the one which was depicted in Stanley Kubrick’s movie and he also predicted the time period when these devices would appear. Apple’s iPad made its debut in 2010 nine years after the release of this movie.

Movie: Total Recall (1990)
Predicted: Self-driving cars

A short film starring Arnold Schwarzenegger is full of future technologies that have yet to be invented and one of the biggest predictions this movie had made is about self-driving cars. Now, this has become a reality as recently, Google has launched the driverless cars.

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