Some limits on train traffic remained, however. Danish police said yesterday that 3,000 'foreigners' had arrived in Denmark between Sunday and Wednesday.
"The situation changes from hour to hour, but some are seeking asylum in Denmark, some are returning to Germany, and others are in custody or travelling on through Denmark," the national police said in a statement.
Danish police yesterday closed a motorway and rail links in a bid to stem the flow of refugees heading north to Sweden. They have ordered trains to go no further than the train ferry stop in Germany, however, forcing train passengers to walk on board the ferries that then cross to Rodby in Denmark, operator Scandlines said.
"We encourage our customers to bring their passports to get the traffic to flow more easily," a spokeswoman from Scandlines said. It was not immediately clear whether passport checks  unnecessary in the Schengen region to which both Denmark and Germany belong were being made.
Yesterday two trains carrying about 240 people were stopped by Danish police in Rodby. Refugees on board were refusing to leave the train, police said.


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