The common men like Supreme Court find it tough to comprehend why is the Central government snubbing the Apex Court’s suggestion of setting up a Special Investigation Team (SIT) for probe into the black money case. Centre’s disinclination towards SIT formation gives a smooth ground to the shaky doubts about its non-seriousness in digging out the truth about corruption cases. There are enough reasons to get suspicious about the Centre’s honesty and integrity and ironically it itself has made the reasons available. Whether it is the loose investigation in Hasan Ali case or striking a deal with those countries which have facilities of huge investments from Indian nationals or to label a grave crime of black money as a mere tax evasion- all these points reverberate Centre’s intention of pulling a curtain over the black money trade instead of digging into the details of it. The greatest example authenticating this point is the Centre’s line of investigation in Hasan Ali case which keeps on getting longer and longer without any pertinent comma or full-stop. Whenever the government has appeared before the Supreme Court on black money issue, it has received nothing but flak and rebuke. Strangely, despite the continuous slamming by the Apex Court, the Centre has shown no signs of regret or improvement. The Supreme Court itself has agreed that the probe in Hasan Ali case bears laxity and deserves tightening at all levels. This leaves no doubt about the Centre’s reluctant intentions of putting culprits in the case behind bars. Neither the Enforcement Directorate nor the I-T department has shown any credible work in the Hasan Ali’s case. Despite the information of Pune stud farm owner having three passports no need was felt of any intense investigation into the matter. This clearly states everything. On top of this, the Centre is striving hard to divert the attention by proving the point that the black money issue is limited to only Hasan Ali.

Isn’t it strange that at a time when India stands at the apex of the list of countries whose citizens have stashed billions of dollars in international banks, the Indian government has invested all the energy of its investigating agencies in probing against only one person? The biggest proof of the phlegmatic approach adopted by the Centre is its unwillingness to act against even those individuals whose names figure in the list which the government has acquired from the foreign banks for stashing huge amount of black money. Supreme Court’s query that why isn’t the government trying to trace the source of all the black money is very much apt? Is there any obstacle to this? It is shameful that the Central Government has adopted a relaxed attitude towards black money issue at a time when it has already become infamous for being a mute spectator to corruption and corrupt elements. The result of this inaction is that India’s name can be seen at the top position in another list of corrupt nations. It may be that the ruling government is still not ready to understand that due to its current deportment it has been losing its credibility. The present scenario highlights the least interest on the part of the Central government to save its credence.