Lucknow: Now, it will not be a wise decision to wait for rebate on stamp duty from circle rate for properties allotted by development board or housing development council anymore. The Uttar Pradesh government will not give concession on stamp duty to the allottees who have been allotted properties six months ago. Therefore, allottees should get their properties registered at the earliest.  

In fact, there was provision for stamp fee on the land allotted by authorities and councils till March 31. But now the registration is done on the basis of circle rates therefore stamp fee exceeds by 20-30 percent. Hence, the allottees are waiting for rebates before registration of the property. It has also been seen that the government gives rebate at the end of financial years. That is why the allottees are waiting for March 31 before getting their properties registered.

It is for this reason that the number of unregistered properties has gone up to 46,459. Amidst all this, the Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav made it cleared on Sunday that there is no proposal for rebate on stamp duties on allocated properties. Principal Secretary, Stamp Duty and Registration B M Meena also denied of any scope of rebate.


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