Indore: Registry of the properties of the millionaire clerk of the RTO discovered during the raids conducted by the Economic Offences Wing (EOW) has been stopped. The Registrar has dispatched letters to Deputy Registrars to stop the registry and transfer of the confiscated properties following the EOW instructions.

The EOW on Sunday has seized property worth Rs 50 crore of RTO clerk Raman Dhuldhoya during its raids. However, the EOW investigation is on to recover other properties and for that it has formed another team of officials to probe the RTO and interrogate other employees.

In a letter to the District Registrar, Srikant Pandey, the EOW had requested to stop any registry, power of attorney or transfer of any property in the name of the clerk Dhuldhoya or any of his family members.

Since the EOW had a doubt that Dhuldhoya can sell his property and without a court’s order, the Registrar cannot stop the registry of any of his property. But the Registrar managed to find a solution to the problem.

According to Additional Registrar Swami Prasad Lodi, as instructed by the letter from the EOW, the registry related to Dhuldhoya has been stopped.