US Secretary of State John Kerry said he talks with the Israeli Prime Minister several times a week.
"We talked over the weekend. We discussed timing and what may occur. I may not be able to get to it looks as if I probably will not be able to get there over the course of this weekend, but I am committed to going in order to engage in the ongoing discussions that we are currently engaged in shortly after the Thanksgiving break, as soon as we can work out the timing," he said.
When asked about criticism of the Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, of America's policy towards Iran, Kerry said, "I have great respect for his concerns about his country".
"The Prime Minister should express his concerns, and he has every right in the world to publicly state his position and defend what he perceives as his interests. We believe deeply in our commitment to Israel," he told reporters in a joint news conference with his Turkish counterpart.
"I have a long voting record, 100 percent record of support for our friends in Israel. I can assure those friends and everybody else watching this that nothing that we are doing here, in my judgement, will put Israel at any additional risk.
In fact, let me make this clear: “We believe it reduces risk. We believe it helps all of us to move closer to this goal of achieving the comprehensive agreement that I talked about earlier," he said in response to a question.
"And that's a priority for me and it doesn't change. We remain deeply committed to this ongoing dialogue, to our friendship, and we intend to consult frequently and deeply about everything that we are engaged in," Kerry said.
"We consult with the Israelis regularly. We share a significant amount of information on a variety of issues, but Iran is certainly one of them," White House Press Secretary, Jay Carney told reporters at his daily news conference.
"Our commitment to Israel's defence is unshakable, and that is as true today as it's been every day that President

Obama has been in office and has overseen a policy that has provided, I think, even in the views of many Israeli leaders, the most tangible evidence of that commitment to Israel's security that they've ever seen," he said in response to a question.


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