The social media giant has already been running full-page advertisements in multiple dailies as part of its 'Free Basics' campaign.
However, the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has not been amused with Facebook's intense lobbying efforts and has been critical of a vast majority of replies to its 'net neutrality' consultation process being on a template provided by Facebook without commenting on the broader issues of the debate.
The new e-mail campaign asks Facebook users to act to save free internet access, while stating that free access to basic internet services is in danger.
It further says that 80 per cent of India's population still is not connected with internet, despite a significant progress.
"TRAI must therefore ensure that any regulatory intervention does not end up depriving people of the opportunity to come online. Instead, TRAI needs to create a regulatory environment where access-expanding programmes can flourish," the Facebook campaign said.