Addressing the inaugural session of the fourth state Assembly, Governor Syed Ahmed said his government's main priority was to ensure that villagers get maximum benefit following acquisition of land for industry.

Stating that setting up of industry and developing infrastructure lead to displacement problem and the feelings of such people have to be understood, he said review of R&R was necessary to make it more beneficial to them.

The government would also take a firm initiative in taking the villagers into confidence during the process of land acquisition, he said.
As there are a large number of unorganized labourers in the state, the Governor said daily wages would be increased. He said the government would have zero tolerance to corruption and the Vigilance Bureau would be strengthened.

The government would keep in mind interest of all sections of the society and provide a clean, sensitive and transparent administration to create a society that is free of fear, corruption and hunger.

Ahmed exuded confidence that his government would fulfill aspirations of the people and broaden the path of progress and development.
Committing to rise above caste, religion and party-lines, he said priority would be given while making policies for development of ST, SC, BC and minorities.
To bring pace in developmental programmes, vacancies in government departments would be fulfilled. Though 70 to 80 percent population in rural areas depends on agriculture, animal husbandry and fisheries, the state was unable to produce grains required for the state due to lack of irrigation facilities, the Governor said.
So, he said, the government would develop such facilities, including expanding of Integrated Farming Yojana that would increase agriculture produce and income of farmers.
While ongoing projects, delayed due to Model Code of Conduct for Assembly elections, would be accelerated, migration of labour force would be prevented by ensuring employment under MG-NREGA.

A campaign would be initiated against 'middlemen' to prevent siphoning of funds under MG-NREGA, he said.

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