New Delhi: Pakistan's Interior Minister Rehman Malik on Saturday defended his comments on the killing of Capt. Saurabh Kalia, saying that he was quoted out of context.

Malik, upon his arrival in New Delhi on Friday, had said that he wasn't sure whether Capt. Kalia "was killed by a Pakistani bullet or by the weather" during the Kargil conflict in 1999.

"You are asking me questions about an incident that took place 15 years ago and then you want me to apologise on the behalf of the Pakistani Army. The first thing I said was that I don't have any knowledge about the incident," Malik said on Saturday.

Capt. Kalia of the Jat regiment and five soldiers were captured by Pakistani troops and held captive from May 15 to June 7, 1999. The six Indian soldiers were brutally tortured - including the mutilation of their genitals - and finally shot dead.

Capt. Kalia's father N.K. Kalia has taken his son's torture-killing to the Supreme Court, saying Pakistan should be asked to apologise.

He has also approached the United Nations Human Rights Commission asking it to probe his son's death as a war crime.

NK Kalia has been pressing the defence ministry, the army headquarters, External Affairs Ministry and the Prime Minister's Office for over a decade to exert pressure on Pakistan to punish the Pakistani soldiers responsible for the act in violation of the Geneva Convention.


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