New Delhi: The recent visit of Pakistan Interior Minister Rehman Malik has put the Congress led UPA government in an embarrassing position with the former  making provocative remarks one after another on country’s internal issues and the later not reverting back in the similar spirit.

The three-day visit of the Pakistan minister that aimed at building strong ties between the two neighbouring countries ended on a bad note with the minister taking on the Indian government on key issues including the 26/11, Captain Kalia and Abu Jundal.

The remarks have also stirred up the hornet’s nest in the political corridors of India with the BJP accusing the UPA government of lacking guts for not responding to the top Pakistan minister in the similar tone.

The series of controversial remarks by Rehman Malik, internal affairs advisor of Pakistan Prime Minister, is also likely to badly affect the peace process between the two countries. 

Was equating 26/11attacks with Babri razing a right step by Malik?

Malik opened his virtual attack against India by igniting the Babri Masjid demolition debate after he equated the 2008 Mumbai Terror Attack with the 1992 razing incident on his first day on Indian soil.

Later, alleging media of misquoting him, he clarified that his remarks were taken in a ‘negative way’.

“My statements have been misunderstood. There is no comparison, whatsoever, between Babri mosque demolition and 26/11 Mumbai attacks. When I mentioned Babri masjid I was just talking about ill-fated incidents that created panic and disturbed harmony in both the regions,” Malik has said.

The mentioning of Babri Mosque during crucial visit by a foreign minister has also created panic in the political corridors of India.

The BJP is more irked with the remarks as it may dampen its success rate in the Gujarat assembly elections. Moreover, the fate of its probable prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi is also under litmus test in poll bound Gujarat.

Plight of Captain Kalia’s family becomes matter of mockery for Pak minister?

Virtually scoffing at India’s forensic reports of Captain Sourabh Kalia, Malik said that he is completely unaware of whether he was killed by Pakistan Army’s bullet or was a victim of harsh weather.

Citing the issue was never part of diplomatic talks ever before in last 15 years, he suggested that Kargil war hero Captain Kalia, whose mutilated remains bore evidence of torture at Pakistani hands, may have died owing to inclement weather in the high Himalayas.  “If the Pakistani Army tortured him, would have they given his body back,” Malik asked.

Even if the Pakistan Minister has said that the issue will be addressed by his government but time will decide whether the Captain Kalia issue will see a resolution on the diplomatic forum or it will just hung in mid way alike Sarabjit Singh issue.

Pakistan still in denial mode over 26/11 and Hafiz Saeed

Even if the Indian authorities have time and again provided evidences against Lashkar-e-Taiba founder Hafiz Mohammed, Pakistan continues to be in the denial mode over acting against the key handler of 26/11.

Demanding credible evidence against Saeed, Malik said that India has provided ‘insufficient information’ against the Lashkar-e-Taiba founder and Pakistan could act only on the basis of evidence that stands the test of courts.

Malik has claimed that India has so far only provided information and not evidence against Saeed.

The minister has also took a dig at the Indian agencies and claimed that they have failed to prevent the Mumbai terror attack.

Abu Jundal an Indian agent: Malik  

Sparking another ‘ridiculous’ controversy, Malik claimed that Lashkar-e-Taiba operative and key 26/11 handler Abu Jundal was an agent of Indian intelligence agencies.

However, the Home Ministry has acted heavily against the remark but the real matter of concern is how a foreign minister can virtually blame a country where he is making a friendly visit.

Sarabjit’s release confined to talks

During his visit, the Pakistan Minister, however, met Sarabjit’s sister and daughter and invited them to visit Pakistan but the release of Indian death row prisoner again appears to have been confined to talks and nothing concrete have taken place in this direction.

Sonakshi Kishore/JPN

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