The five major challenges for achieving high growth rate as envisaged through Presidential address is not an easy task because the government at the Centre lacks co-operation from the Opposition and they themselves are visibly incapable of taking tough decisions. The non-inclusion of economic reforms from the address amply substantiates the Centre’s weakness. Though it is not necessary for the Centre to include economic reforms in the Presidential address but the reforms cannot be ignored. Just to remind that various important decisions are already pending with the government. Apart from the inclusion of economic reforms, the Center laid thrust on livelihood security, energy security, environment security and internal and external security. The Centre also reiterated its commitment to put a check on corruption and black money. The Presidential address may assume significance provided the Centre is successful in carrying out the promises made through the address. As they have a poor record in implementing their promises, mere reiterating the promises doesn’t make any sense. It is an open secret that they keep reiterating the promises made during the first tenure of UPA rule. If the bills are pending in the House, it only means that some more work needs to be done for getting it cleared. Therefore how many more times will the Centre reiterate that the Judicial Accountability Bill, Citizens Right to Grievance Redress Bill, Lokpal Bill among others have been introduced in the Parliament? There are even some very important bills pending with the government but no one knows when they will be introduced for final legislation.

It is unfortunate that when it is expected from the central government to catalyse the reforms in every sector, the Opposition and even the allies are creating roadblocks. Some problems have been created to merely make the ruling combination even more uncomfortable. The ongoing initiative for the third-fourth front is emerging as a new problem for the government. Although the regional parties are free to make such moves but this is the time when everyone needs to cooperate for winding up the incomplete task. Unfortunately, both parties are merely reflecting their ego and shying away from their responsibilities. There may be differences between the Congress and the allies and ruling parties and opposition, but this does not mean that they are not able to find issues on which they can proceed further with consensus. For quite some time, the Opposition is blocking every such issue of importance that the Centre is trying to get resolved. Some of the problems have been created merely because the Opposition disliked and disapproved the functioning of the government. Although the President in her address laid stress on the internal and external security of the country by referring to the National Counter Terrorism Centre (NCTC), but the fact is that several states are dismissive of the proposal.